My India is not great..but fault lies with me…

Every indian who missed out the chance to elect the leader or the one who doesn’t vote or have missed at least once are reasons India is not great …and they have no right to complain about India


Republic…are we…think once

I don’t know why people are wishing a Happy republic day ….I wanna ask then are you sure we are republic?…i haven’t felt republicanism in INDIA…coz the so called Gandhi family(Nehru,Rajiv gandhi,Indra Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi and now prince of congress  Rahul Gandhi ) the monarch’s are ruling India such that its their own property and they loot everything from India ….they never value to people….the  decisions by monarch’s(in case of FDI and Telangana for Example)are even funny…and even the prime minister of India is like a Robot in hands of Italian monarch Sonia Gandhi…….and the legal heir rahul …some people say she is Indian but i feel her Italian still

this is my opinion and i feel it so true…if i hurt and Gandhi family supporters …i’m sorry ,but i feel this ……

I am not feeling Republic ….if we were Republicans ..they Might have given Telangana in 1969 itself…they go against people’s wish .people are dying for their rights and all they say is “we will say the decision in 2-3 days”which according to them is “2yrs -3yrs”….

dil dosti

din beete ja rahe hai ..aur doston ke beech distance bhi badthe ja raha hai ..bata nahi sakta ki kitna bore hota hun ..kabhi kabhi lagta hai kya mai akela hun jo vella baitha hai …aur kabhi aisa bhi lagta hai ki ..mai kuch karta kyu nahi ..ab waqt hai serious hone ka lekin still i’m nt serius …doston ki kami mehsoos kar rah hun …log kehte hai ki dunia badi hai kabhi na kabhi milenge ..lekin kise pata hai kal kya hoga….